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Make a Pearl Bracelet in 10 Easy Steps

I’m guest blogging today over at RomCon, talking about villains, or in the case of my young adult time travel romance WISHING YOU WERE HERE beauty queen Sable Courtney, the girl you love to hate. I call her that because Sable isn’t exactly the story’s “villain” in the traditional sense. She’s more an antagonistic force.

When you hear the word “villain” you usually think “evil.” But Sable isn’t evil, she just has goals and desires that run contrary to other characters in the book, and when she goes after what she wants, she causes a little trouble.

Sable is a pearls and taffeta sort of gal, so in honor of her, I’m developing a collection of pearl and crystal jewelry for my Etsy store reminiscent of the styles worn in Sable’s time period, the 1950s.

Today I thought I’d show you how you can make your own pearl bead bracelet, similar to one Sable might wear, in 10 easy steps with no jewelry-making tools necessary.

Pearl Bracelets on a WristWhat you’ll need:

•Flexible measuring tape (or string and a ruler)
•Stretchy cord (I used .8mm Darice brand clear cord)
•Sticky tape
•Crystal or Glass Pearl Beads (I used Crystazzi® 6mm pearls from Michael’s crafts store)
•Aluminum foil (small sheet)
•Water-proof Glue (I used Zap-Goo all purpose adhesive, but a washable jeweler’s glue should work as well)

1. Measure your wrist circumference with the flexible measuring tape (or use a string to measure and then place it along a ruler to get the inches).

2. Add 4 inches to your wrist measurement.

3. Cut that length of stretchy cord from the spool.

4. Pre-stretch the cord by grabbing both ends and pulling (gently) away from the center, then let it bounce back into shape.

5. Place sticky tape one end of the cord to keep your pearls from falling off as you string.

6. String your pearls on the cord. Get creative if you want and alternate colors. You can also swap in other bead shapes other than pearls as the photo here indicates.

TIP: The coating on crystal pearls sometimes covers the holes so it’s difficult to get the cord through. If that happens, use a straight pin to clear the hole so the cord slides in more easily.

7. Stop adding beads when the length of beads is enough to fit comfortably around your wrist.

8. Move the beads to the center of the cord, then grab both ends and knot them together with a Surgeon’s Knot close to the beads (leave some wiggle room, but don’t leave a large gap).

9. Use a toothpick to take a small amount of glue and apply it directly to the knot.

10. Place the bracelet on a sheet of aluminum foil to dry for 24 hours. Then trim the ends close to the knot and wear.

Now you can be glamorous just like Sable! 🙂

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